Lithuanian mobility 8-14 May, 2022

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On May 8-14 2022 our last mobility took place. This time we were all guests of the Lithuanian school in Siauliai, the fourth largest city in Lithuania.

Four cultures in the forms of art” – this was the title of the visit and no wonder it was filled with lots of art classes – music, dance, theatre and cooking. We all learned traditional Lithuanian dances and singing, tried specialties of traditional Lithuanian cuisine and produced our own chocolates in a traditional chocolate factory in Siauliai. Also, all participants of the project presented traditional dishes of their own country – during joint classes in the well-equipped school kitchen, the Spanish students cooked a Spanish omelette, the Greeks made a chocolate block with nuts and baked peppers, the Lithuanians a cold beetroot soup and the Polish students dumplings and „chrusty”, crispy cookies made traditionally at Easter time. Then we sat down to a common table and tasted these delicious traditional specialties.

Three days of the visit were devoted to excursions. We visited the Hill of Crosses, Vilnius and Palanga, a Baltic resort, looking for traces of Polish, Spanish and Greek culture in these places.

The most important moment of the meeting was Dance Festival, an annual all school event, attended by all Lithuanian classes, their parents, teachers and project students. Food from all over the world, music and dance united the participants …. and led to the moment when we had to say goodbye to each other …. goodbye Erasmus+!!!