Reuniones de Skype

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We are all looking forward to our first project meeting in Greece in March 2020. However, before we have a chance to meet in person, we decided to use the technology to break the ice and get to know each other a little. We called the meetings „Mystery Skype” meetings, as at the beginning the students were to each other like a mystery, young people of different cultures, lifestyles, interests and even ages. The questions asked during the skype sessions varied from the very basic ones, concerning the weather and typical food, to the ones referring to the lives of the youth in each of the country such as their perception of the school or interests. The series of meetings was opened by the Lithuanian and Greek students, followed by five more Skype sessions, all very emotional, full of excitement and also shyness, disappearing with every next chance to meet. Nothing can replace talking face to face, but now that we know more about each other, have learned about the things that are important to us, it makes us even more eager to meet in real life.