Greek Mobility 30.01 – 05.02

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We have waited for this visit for almost two years. When we received information about lockdown and cancellation of the visit in March 2020, we could not believe it. Therefore, taught by experience, until the day of our departure we were not sure if it would be successful this time. However, after a few hours of uncertainty and waiting for the Covid test results we knew we could go!

We spent 6 days in Greece. After the official welcome by the school authorities in Varda, the project participants introduced their schools and then started working in international groups (students from Greece, Lithuania, Spain and Poland). The day ended with a presentation of famous and distinguished figures from each of the four countries. The next two days were spent exploring the places of great cultural importance for Greece such as Olympia which made the greatest impression on us as the birthplace of the Olympics and the center of Zeus cult. Thursday was another day of schoolwork – teachers from Spain, Lithuania and Poland had lessons on the EU and the culture of their countries. The day ended in the rhythm of “Zorba” and flamenco at a meeting organized by the parents hosting the foreign students. On Friday, the last day of the visit, we admired Patras – the third largest city and the second largest port in Greece.

We came back home full of many wonderful memories in mind – a very warm welcome from Greek families, delicious Greek food and sunny weather.

We will miss Greece.