On-line mobility in Poland 6-8 April, 2022

Erasmus PL002
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The meeting was officially opened by Mr. Kazimierz Bistroń, the school’s headmaster, and then, for the next three days, we dealt with the topic “Common Past, Common Future”. When we talk about the common European past, it is impossible not to talk about the Second World War and Solidarity – these topics dominated the joint activities. There was a talk by a guide from the European Solidarity Center, who introduced us to the process of liberation from Soviet domination, and Q&A with Mr. Svietlana Radetska, an academic teacher from Kiev. She shared her war experiences with us. The entire Erasmus group also underwent an intensive encryption course – we learnt the basic methods of encoding messages, and were explained how Enigma worked and how important the cooperation of many scientists on breaking its secrets was. There were also artistic classes – in 9 national groups the students worked on the artistic presentation of the notion of unity. The program was complemented by integration activities, a knowledge quiz and a code-breaking competition, which was dominated by Spanish students.

The pandemic taught us how to work effectively on line. This mobility was yet another example that this type of activity might be productive and enjoyable. However, nothing will replace meetings face to face. We can’t wait to see each other in Lithuania!