Quizizz without borders

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Preparing for the visit in Greece and the topic „The Past that Shapes Us”, we held another Skype meeting on 29th January 2020, which main point was a quiz on Quizizz.com. This meeting was supposed to summarise the next stage of the work done on the eTwinning site. This part of the project involved finding information about a traditional costume of the four countries (the area where it was used and on what occasions and its origins), finding a photo and uploading them onto TwinSpace. The result was a set of colourful photos with descriptions, showing the character of the outfits worn in the past in the four parts of Europe. The Quizizz test showed how much we’ve learnt from the activity. Moreover, it also introduced us into another activity on eTwinning – creating poems based on the Olympic ideas, such as friendship, equality, fairness and common goals. The international competition triggered lots of emotions! And the winner was … Sofia from Spain! Congratulations!